Quentin Tarantino Reportedly ‘Changed His Mind’ And Will No Longer Make ‘The Movie Critic,’ So Who Knows What His Tenth And Final Film Will Be

For a while, Quentin Tarantino has repeatedly made it known that he plans to retire from filmmaking after his 10th feature film, which will be his next film. This subject has been a headline-generator for years, including Tarantino seemingly flip-flopping on what to make as his 10th and final film. Not many people can relate to being a generational filmmaker, but almost everybody can relate to having commitment issues. And Tarantino is reportedly no longer committed to making The Movie Critic and “is going back to the drawing board to figure out what the final [film] will be,” according to Deadline.

On Wednesday, April 17, Deadline exclusively reported that “Tarantino has dropped the film as his 10th and final project. He simply changed his mind.”

Deadline also reported the following details:

“Tarantino was going to have Brad Pitt as the principal star, which would have marked their third teaming after Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There were rumors that many from the casts of his past films might take part, and Sony was preparing to make the film after doing such a superb job on the last one.

Word is that Tarantino had rewritten his script, which delayed the start of production. But this is his 10th and final film, and Tarantino simply decided The Movie Critic will not be it.”

Tarantino last directed, produced, and wrote Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which arrived in 2019. The movie co-starred Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio and earned 10 Oscar nominations — winning Best Supporting Actor (Pitt) and Best Achievement In Production Design.