Rebecca Ferguson’s Head-Turning ‘Dune’ Premiere Look Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Help From A Pet Store

Rebecca Ferguson, a.k.a. Becky Fergs, is increasingly becoming one of our best celebrities. She’s talented, obviously, as anyone who has seen Dune and the Mission: Impossible movies and Silo and her weirdly wonderful performance in Doctor Sleep can attest. She’s also charming, funny, and outspoken, all of which comes across in an interview where she discussed her “Madonna on crack” outfit to the New York premiere of Dune: Part Two.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Ferguson “chose a gothic ensemble from Olivier Theyskens that featured a black bodysuit layered under a sheer cape gown with alternating panels of frilly lace and fishnets. Ferguson accessorized with a pair of glossy black thigh-high boots and stacks of dog chains, which her husband, Rory St. Clair Gainer, actually picked up at a local pet store.”

On top of discovering which actor was a dick to her, internet sleuths should also find which pet store sold the dog chains to Ferguson’s husband.

Ferguson’s fashion ethos, especially at the end of a long promotional tour for Dune: Part Two, is IDGAF. “It doesn’t really matter as well because some people will like it. Some people won’t like it. Some people will think it looks absolutely crazy and masquerades… but that’s what’s fun. The times that I kind of didn’t really see myself because I was a little bit of a beige hideaway. That’s not interesting. We’re selling a movie… We’re making fun for people to talk about and gossip about and hate and love. And, you know, that’s what fashion is.” Like I said, one of the best.

Dune: Part Two is out in theaters now.

(Via Harper’s Bazaar)