Police Say They Found The Person Who Punched Rick Moranis In Manhattan

Rick Moranis earned headlines earlier this year not for anything he did, but for unfortunately being the victim of a blindside attack in New York city. The incident — which saw Moranis get punched from behind under a scaffolding on the Upper West Side — was caught on tape and quickly went viral.

And it earned outrage from all over, including legions of fans online and even Captain America himself, Chris Evans. But if the justice system is to be believed, those restless souls can sleep a bit easier tonight knowing that the person police feel is responsible for the attack is in custody.

According to the Associated Press, a 35-year-old man is in custody that police think is the guy wearing an ‘I (heart) NY’ sweatshirt’ seen on camera sucker punching the beloved star of Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

A New York man was arrested Saturday in connection with an unprovoked assault against Rick Moranis that occurred as the 67-year-old actor was walking near Central Park in October.

New York City police said 35-year-old Marquis Ventura, whom authorities listed as homeless, was arrested Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t known if Ventura had retained an attorney who could comment.

It’s far from official here, as Ventura has yet to have his day in court. But news that police feel Moranis’ attacker is in custody hopefully means the somewhat-unretired actor who was the victim of a random act of violence . It’s obviously a complicated matter, but now it’s in the hands of America’s very trustworthy criminal justice system.

[via AP]