Ryan Reynolds’ Wisecrack About The ‘Snyder Cut’ Might Be The Most Refreshing Take On The Subject

Ryan Reynolds manages to be everywhere at once sometimes, all while never crossing that fine line of being too much because that’s what Deadpool does, and only Wade Wilson can get away with it. The Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place star is now promoting both Free Guy and 6 Underground, the latter of which might be the next Bird Box for Netflix. It will also be the “most Michael Bay movie ever,” according to Reynolds, who recently dignified the Peloton Lady by wrapping up her story in the most fitting way possible. Like I said, he’s got his paws in everything, including (sort-of) a comic book universe where he does not reside.

That also brings us back to the Bay business, because Reynolds described 6 Underground — a raging, crash-boom action picture full of the explosions one expects from the Bad Boys and Transformer director — in the most unexpected way at a San Paulo’s Comic-Con Experience (CCXP) event over the weekend. According to Comic Book, he attempted to seriously discuss the merits of his 6 Underground character before veering off-subject and sucking in the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is this is the Snyder cut,” Reynolds joked.

That dirty dog delivered exactly what folks might need to hear after all the ultra-serious campaigning done by fans for the “Snyder Cut.” People are taking everything about this no-longer-fabled cut so somberly, and Reynolds analogized its mere existence to the spectacle of a Bay film. His joke wasn’t offensive to anyone, hopefully, and it doesn’t even mean much at all, just that perhaps people are a little too worked up about a comic book movie. Clearly, Reynolds was wisecracking with the best of them, but at least we know that 6 Underground does have an advantage here. Bay’s runtime (128 minutes) isn’t as windy as the 214 minutes recently revealed by Snyder on his take that got shelved when Joss Whedon was hired to pump out a theatrical version. That’s a plus.

Yet none of this will halt the “Snyder Cut” fuss, since people are still clamoring on social media to see the thing, and several of the movie’s stars (including Jason Momoa, along with Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck) have joined the chorus to lobby for a release. Heck, even Reynolds has voiced support for DC fans during their quest, but ultimately with the wisecrack, we’re seeing the guy who plays Deadpool kick a little good-natured dirt from Marvel’s playground to the other side. What wonderful, lighthearted chaos.

(Via Comic Book)