One Of The Year’s Most-Discussed Nude Scenes Took 11 Tries To Get Right

[This post contains spoilers for Saltburn]

Of the two Jacob Elordi movies in theaters right now, Priscilla and Saltburn, only one features a scene involving someone masturbates into a tub, and for another person to… well, licking is involved. Guess which!

Saltburn is one of the fall’s most discussed (and polarizing) films. Directed and written by Oscar winner Emerald Fennell, the dark-comedy thriller stars Barry Keoghan as Oliver, a university student who stays at the eccentric estate of his fellow student Felix, played by Elordi. Beyond the bathtub incident (good name for a jam band), which Fennell called “the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” there’s also a scene where Keoghan dances in the nude.

The actor told The Wrap it took 11 takes to get right, but “it could have been 40 and I wouldn’t have cared. When you do something like that you want it to be to the point, because it can go either way. So we didn’t stop until we got it, to the point where I put my left foot forward rather than my right [because we wanted it to be perfection.”

Keoghan is proud of the scene (“It takes a lot for us to be in bare skin. It takes a lot of confidence”), although he’s not looking forward to the day when his son sees it. “My kid will pull it up one day and say ‘Daddy, why did you do that naked?’” he said.

Saltburn is out in theaters now.

(Via The Wrap)