Tessa Thompson Spilled A Little Mini-Update On The Status Of ‘Creed III’

While Tessa Thompson is understandably busy promoting her return to the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder, the actress found time to drop a little update on her upcoming role in Creed III. This time around, Michael B. Jordan is pulling double duty as both star and director, and Thompson was surprised at how well they maintained their dynamic from the first two films. She initially thought Jordan directing would make things weird, but it ended up being remarkably smooth.

“He felt entirely in it,” Thompson told The Hollywood Reporter. “We got back into those character dynamics very easily. The only thing that was different was the time. We’d do the scene, and then he would have to go to the monitor sometimes to watch. So that felt a little different. But dynamically, we were just in the pocket of what we’ve been doing.”

Not only did they slip right back into the groove, but Thompson credited Jordan with making it much easier to give her character “agency and an arc,” which tend to get lost in sports films.

I could do that work more actively with Mike. I also had a lot more freedom to improvise on the day than the past ones. He gave me a lot of license to do that, so that felt different. But it didn’t change the dynamic between these characters. We’ve been making these films for almost eight years, and Mike and I have grown up a lot. So there’s ways in which the trajectory of the characters also has an interesting sort of poetry to our own personal journeys in a lot of ways.

Unfortunately, Thompson didn’t reveal how many “Sexiest Man Alive” jokes she dropped on Jordan during filming, but hopefully, we’ll get to hear about those when Creed III punches into theaters next year.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)