DC Fans Are Venting And Choosing Chaos By Pretending To Have Seen ‘The Batman’ On The Film’s Intended Release Date

The world’s in a shambles. That’s an undeniable truth these days, and also consider this: It’s been over two years since we learned that Robert Pattinson was the seemingly unlikely choice to play the lead in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and it’s been over one year since the first (intense) teaser trailer arrived. Someday (March 4, 2022), the movie will land in theaters for real, and that day is obviously not today (October 1, 2021), which happens to be the intended release day.

Naturally, there was bound to be some emotional realizations once people realized that this was to be a joyous day, when Robert Pattinson — master of reinvention and murderer of microwave ovens — could deliver his take on a young Bruce Wayne. We’ve been robbed of so much life over the past few years, so obviously, delayed movie dates don’t rank anywhere near a real tragedy, but still, people are upset. And they’re venting.

And some people decided to deal with disappointment by making sh*t up for fun. Enter a flurry of tweets, which saw their authors pretend to have seen the movie and dole out “reactions.” Hey, it sounds like what Batman wouldn’t do on Harley Quinn (even though he totally would) is in the mix for these claimed scenarios, which include everything from “Batman does in fact go down” to “Red Hood shot Bane in the f*cking nuts.”

Meanwhile, someone woke up and decided to choose real chaos.