The Rock Says You Can Expect ‘Baywatch’ To Make The Most Of Its Not TV Friendly R Rating

Let’s not mince words. Baywatch was an enormously successful television program thanks to syndication smarts, campy thrills and gratuitous slow-motion running sequences done while swimsuit clad. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise can f*ck off or is deep in the pocket of Big Lifeguard. According to America’s dream dad The Rock, what was teased by the TV series is going to be dished out with shameless bombast in the upcoming wink-n-nod cinematic adaptation he’s starring in. Make a note, perv community!

Dwayne Johnson, who has the licence to print money that is Fate of the Furious out in just a few days, dished about how Baywatch will be making the most of its R rating in the name of action-comedy glory. Instead of pretending to be coy about the sex factor at play, the summer offering is just gonna go whole hog with it. (Legal Note: This does not mean we’ll see Zac Efron’s whole hog.)

“We are far dirtier than the show ever was – obviously the show was a family show on at family time of day – but in the movie we could have been dirtier,” explained Johnson in a chat with British tabloid The Sun.

Johnson’s definitely not wrong about the source material’s family packaging. Even though it was a vehicle that generated many a Chandler Bing touches himself to the thought of Yasmine Bleeth gag, the show was essentially harmless camp with broad appeal existing in the land before Peak TV. What’s that? The Rock’s talking about how hard the R is? Let’s join him live in progress.

“I think people are going to be shocked that Baywatch has got dirty – but there are a lot of laughs,” shared Johnson. “We worked hard to make sure the flesh quota was high, there’s more gratuitous boobs, bums, abs, whatever per minute than you can imagine. Plot was important, don’t get me wrong, but so was sorting out our slow motion runs.”

Readjust your personal summer movie power rankings up or down accordingly. Baywatch will slo-mo dash its way into theaters on May 26.

(Via The Sun)