Zendaya And Timothée Chalamet Bonded Over Fart Jokes On The Set Of ‘Dune’

With Dune now in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, stars Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where they were treated to an interview set made to look like the sandy planet Arrakis, complete with never-ending wind sounds. While they fielded questions from lifelong Dune fan Colbert, who has never been a shy about his nerdy side, the two opened up about the one thing that helped them bond while filming the Denis Villeneuve sci-fi epic: Fart jokes.

While this dips slightly into spoiler territory, Zendaya revealed she was only on the set for five days, but during that time, she got to experience all of the chafing joy that came from the costumes. Despite being a newcomer to the cast, which had been working together for weeks, she was warmly welcomed by everyone, particularly by Chalamet, and the two passed the time with fart humor and dance parties.

Should Dune get a sequel, and the chances are looking very good despite the film’s unorthodox release due to the pandemic, Zendaya’s character Chani will have a much larger role in Part 2. Villeneuve revealed back in August that the second film will tackle the back half of the book where Chani will become “a protagonist of the story.”

Dune is currently playing in theaters and HBO Max.