The ‘Watcher’ Trailer Confirms You Should Always Have Curtains On Your Windows

Scream queen Maika Monroe is returning to the screen in IFC Midnight’s thriller Watcher. Monroe stars as Julia, a young American woman who moves abroad with her boyfriend Francis, played by Karl Glusman.

Julia stays inside and isolates herself at Francis goes to work, and she learns of a serial killer that has been plotting in the area. While she is inside, she discovers a man has been watching her through her abnormally large windows and begins to feel that she is being stalked. The trailer begs the question: Is she really being watched? Or is it another Woman In The Window situation? Or is she actually witnessing something, but is being told to calm down, a la Gaslight? Who is to say. It does, however, sound a bit like The Watcher, starring Keanu Reeves, though from a different perspective. The movies seem unrelated, though one can hope Reeves will show up for a cameo.

Watcher will be the first feature film directed by Chloe Okuno, who directed a part of Shudder’s anthology film V/H/S /94 (hail Raatma!). Monroe was the breakout star of 2015’s hit horror movie It Follows. She has starred in several thrillers since then, including The Guest, Greta, and Tau.

The film will hit theaters on June 3rd. Check out the trailer above.