Weekend Box Office: ‘Dunkirk’ Takes On ‘The Emoji Movie’ In A Battle Of Good Vs. Poop

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07.30.17 3 Comments

It was a barn-burner for most of the weekend, but good ultimately overtook evil at the box-office as Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk legged it out for the top spot while The Emoji Movie faded as the weekend wore on. In its second weekend, Dunkirkas predicted — had strong legs, falling only 46 percent (as opposed to the 60-70 percent for most blockbusters), ending the frame with $28.1 million. After ten days, that pushes the Nolan film over $100 million and it still has the rest of the summer with relatively little competition to continue pulling in audiences. The film has also added over $100 million in international money before the weekend, so $100 million budgeted film is sitting pretty.

As for The Emoji Movie? Kid flicks are typically review proof, but in some cases, the reviews and word of mouth are so powerfully bad that parents successfully resist their kids’ efforts to see them. My guess is that this weekend, there were a lot of parents offering to take their kids to the beach or outright lying. “Sorry Timmy! The movie theater is closed this weekend.” Cinemascore for the movie was a B, which is outright terrible for a kids film (how bad does a movie have to be for a kid to say, “It was meh”?) And yet, for all of that, The Emoji Movie still pulled in $27 million, and with Nut Job 2 as the only other animated offering in the next month, parents are given no good outs if they want to kill 2 hours with the kids in a movie theater.

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