Did You Spot These Easter Eggs In The ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer?

The second trailer for Wonder Woman wowed us yesterday, and there were so many blink-and-you’ll-miss them moments, like that homage to Christopher Reeve. To highlight some of these details, Mr. Sunday Movies — also known for rounding up Suicide Squad Easter eggs and the like — made the video above, breaking down some of Wonder Woman’s weapons, power set, origins, villains, and more.

One known villain is the character played by Elena Anaya, seen here wearing a facial prosthetic mask typically worn by people injured during World War I:

In the trailer she’s clearly working on a biological weapon capable of destroying gas masks, something particularly deadly during World War I, when poison gas was a frequent, horrific cause of death. (Dulce et Decorum est pro patria mori.)

Anaya confirmed in a recent interview she’s playing a villain, and we theorized she may be an updated version of Doctor Poison, a biological weapons expert who often used masks and tried to undermine Allied soldiers.

Mr. Sunday Movies also speculates if Danny Huston’s character might be Ares pretending to be a German soldier, as that ties into some older rumors.

The trailer also hints that this is the first time Wonder Woman has seen gunfire, and it changes her — and Amazonian society — forever:

The woman shot in this scene is possibly Epione, an important healer. It appears Wonder Woman quickly learned about the importance of deflecting bullets. She’s kind of good at it…

There are other questions the trailer left unanswered. For example, it didn’t clarify if Wonder Woman can fly or if she’s just able to jump very high and far, but Gal Gadot did tell Ynet in an interview last year, “She can jump really high and practically fly.” Another question left unanswered? Why is Chris Pine so dreamy? And how is it that Gal Gadot always looks perfect in photographs, even blurry candid photos? Not fair.

(Via Mr. Sunday Movies, io9, and CBM)