2 Chainz Teases His Upcoming ’70-Themed ‘Rule The World’ Video With Ariana Grande

Getty Image

When Ariana Grande paid homage to Southern trap legend 2 Chainz in her popular but controversial “7 Rings” video, who would have thought it’d lead to such powerful chemistry between the two different stars? That’s exactly what happened though, resulting in not just a “7 Rings” remix featuring 2 Chainz himself, but also an Ariana appearance on 2 Chainz’s latest album Rap Or Go To The League. Now, that song is getting the video treatment, as teased by Chainz on his Twitter with a 30-second preview, which you can check out below.

The video teases some heavy 1970s basement party vibes, looking like Ernie Barnes’ Sugar Shack painting (you know, the cover to Marvin Gaye’s I Want You album) come to life. The tremendous height difference between Chainz and Grande — one’s 6’6, the other, 5′ exactly — is mitigated by having them hold court in a couch on a stage in the middle of the dance floor as afroed and polyestered partiers cavort around them to a sample from Amerie’s 2002 hit single “Why Don’t We Fall In Love.” It is, as 2 Chainz himself might call it, a vibe.

Although Chainz didn’t indicate exactly when the video would be dropping in the tweet, he does mention it’s “coming soon,” so it’s likely to pop up within the next few days. And to think, this wouldn’t have happened if people didn’t make such a fuss about Ariana’s misunderstood “7 Rings” video — it looks like protesting online results in great things after all.