21 Savage Is Executive Producing The Music For The ‘Saw’ Spinoff, ‘Spiral’

Gruesome horror movie imagery has always permeated 21 Savage’s music, so it’s only right that the Slaughter Gang head honcho takes his penchant for making murderous music on his first foray into Hollywood. Variety reports that the UK-born, Atlanta-bred Grammy winner has been tasked with executive producing the music for the upcoming Saw spinoff, Spiral: From The Book Of Saw. 21 also crafted his new single “Spiral” as the film’s theme song, which can be heard throughout the newly released trailer.

The film, which is produced by and stars Chris Rock, also features Samuel L. Jackson, as the two veteran actors portray a father-and-son police duo confronted by a Jigsaw copycat killer. 21 Savage’s ear for ominous beats and mayhem-inspired rhymes seems like the perfect match for the sadistic on-screen action.

However, as ominous as his taste would appear to be from his output, it’s also omnivorous. The lanky rapper has been known to post social media videos singing along to his favorite R&B tunes, as he did during the recent Verzuz show with Ashanti and Keyshia Cole. That versatility could also serve him well in his capacity as the soundtrack’s executive producer, as he could use lighter fare to set up the bigger scares — or completely invert fan-favorites as the trailers for Jordan Peele’s haunting thrillers Us and Candyman (which he produced, not directed) have done in the past.

Watch the trailer for Spiral: From The Book Of Saw above. The film premieres May 14, 2021.