50 Cent Trolls Floyd Mayweather Over His Recent Jake Paul Fight

When Floyd Mayweather agreed to a fight with YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul, both men likely knew there’d be a rise in media scrutiny on them, even compared to their usual level of attention. Of course, Mayweather proved to be a bit too susceptible to the Paul brothers’ trolling ways at the fight’s media day when Jake Paul snatched his hat, leading to a scuffle that wound up going viral when footage hit the internet. If that trolling got under his skin, the trolling from his former friend turned antagonist 50 Cent might just make him break out in hives.

“WTF going on on champ head,” 50 wondered in a post about the incident on Instagram. “I heard he had his pubic hairs put on his face. Lol.” In a separate post on Twitter, he again roasted Floyd’s haircut. “Floyd like [sad face] you can’t show people my hair,” he teased.

Floyd and 50’s feud extends back to 2012 when a dispute over money led to an exchange of vicious rhetoric between the two. In the years since, 50 Cent has mocked Mayweather’s reported trouble with reading, while Floyd sent some “jabs” back on social media as well. They’ve both even gone so far as teasing a potential bout between the two. But first, Mayweather has to get through Logan Paul on Sunday, June 6.