50 Cent And Post Malone Conspire In The Just-Released Video For A Five-Year-Old Collaboration

The world remains at home in isolation and some musicians are using the quarantine as an opportunity to work on new projects. But 50 Cent and Post Malone are using the time to boost older efforts. The two rappers figured now would be a perfect time to release an official video for their 2015 track “Tryna F*ck Me Over.”

The video opens with 50 Cent and Post Malone sitting in a getaway car. The two accomplices detail their previous nights. Malone had gone home with a girl he was only slightly interested in, and 50 had managed to pull off a heist that awarded him some fast cash. Their conversation gets cut short when a police officer knocks on Malone’s window and 50 bolts from the passenger door. The remainder of the visual shows the duo showcasing their bars in a vibrant, club-like atmosphere. “Spent my life tryna be a good guy / Still people want to see me get got,” Posty raps.

Though the video is just now seeing a debut, it’s clear it was filmed several years ago. The time period can be indicated by Malone’s lack of face tattoos, which he just recently added to.

To promote the video, 50 Cent shared a doctored image of himself with Post Malone’s curly hair and signature “Always Tired” face tattoos.


Watch the “Tryna F*ck Me Over” video above.