An Extended Cut Of ‘A Star Is Born’ Is Hitting Theaters With A New Song From Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper

Warner Bros.

A Star Is Born has had an undeniable impact on both film and music, so much so that it’s still widely talked about months after its theatrical debut in October of last year. “Shallow” is a huge song that has found life way beyond the film, and it has made for some memorable on-stage moments, like when Lady Gaga performed the song alone at the Grammys, and when she and Bradley Cooper sang an emotional rendition of the song at the Oscars. Fans can’t get enough of the duo, and the good news is that there’s more of them to come: An extended version of the movie is set to hit theaters, and it will feature new music.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that a one-week theatrical run of the longer movie will begin on Friday, and that it will feature 12 minutes of new footage. The “encore” edition of the movie includes extended performances of “Black Eyes” and “Alibi,” along with Lady Gaga’s impromptu a cappella performance of “Shallow.” There’s also Gaga’s character Ally singing “Is That Alright” to Cooper’s character, Jack, along with Jack in the studio singing “Too Far Gone,” and the pair working together on a new song, “Clover.”

There’s even a clip of Gaga and Cooper singing “Clover,” so check it out above.