Ariana Grande Covers Imogen Heap’s ‘Goodnight And Go’ With A Modern Twist On Her New Album

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About a month ago, Ariana Grande told a fan on Twitter that her favorite thing about Sweetener, the new album that was just released today, is “the fact that both of my idols have blessed this project in their own little way,” referring to Madonna and Imogen Heap. Madonna’s blessing came in the form of a cameo in Grande’s “God Is A Woman” video, in which she provided the voice of God. As for Heap, Grande covered “Goodnight And Go” on the album, although she remixes the song and changes it up some.

“Goodnight N Go,” as Grande’s version is called, features more of a modern hip-hop sound than Heap’s original. Grande previously shared a snippet of the song on her Instagram story, and when asked about it on Twitter earlier this month, she wrote, “[It’s a] remix and a cover with a few new parts. I put my own lil spin on one of my favorite songs of all time by my number one favorite artist of all time/the woman who inspires my every move! Which was terrifying to do, but I love it so much and I hope you do too.”

Heap clearly has been a favorite of Grande’s for a long time: In 2014, the two had dinner together, and Grande posted a video of her playing with a pair of music-controlling gloves gifted to her by Heap. She captioned the clip, “There are no words to describe how much I adore you, how much I’ve learned from listening to your music throughout the years and how much this experience meant to me! I appreciate it so so much.”

Listen to Grande’s “Goodnight N Go” above, and find Heap’s original “Goodnight And Go” below.