Ariana Grande Shares An Extended Behind-The-Scenes Look At Her ‘Thank U, Next’ Video

Ariana Grande’sThank U, Next” has taken over the planet, and the song isn’t done being the focus of the world’s attention yet. Grande released the highly anticipated video for the song last week, and now she has shared a ten-minute behind-the-scenes clip about the making of the video. This comes after Grande previewed the “Thank U, Next” video with a behind-the-scenes music video that featured similar footage. This video features footage from on set, including Grande driving a car, filming the “bend and snap” scene, and more.

The video also includes a few words from Jennifer Coolidge, who reprises her iconic role from Legally Blonde, and she praises Grande and the song for pushing a strong and clear message for young women: “I love Ariana Grande because this is the essence of who she is. All these young girls hear this song, and the message is… it’s a strong women’s message that you don’t have to destroy yourself over men! You can date men, and when it goes wrong, you benefit from the hardship and you move on. […] When I was growing up, there weren’t messages and strong female songs like this where the message was just so clear to a young girl.”

The video ends with a message saying that a second part is coming soon, so expect more behind-the-scenes content in the near future. There was a particular moment in the video that also suggested a longer or different version of the “Thank U, Next” video may be forthcoming: Near the start of the video, there is a clip from a scene that didn’t make it into the official video, and the clip is captioned on-screen, “this scene didn’t make it into the first cut but we’ll make sure you get to see it!”

Watch the behind-the-scenes video above.

Update (12-07-2018): Grande has shared the second part of her behind-the-scenes video, and says a third part is forthcoming. Watch the new video below.

Update (12-11-2018): Grande has shared the third part in her behind-the-scenes video series. At the end of the video, she says a “directors cut/blooper reel” is coming soon. Watch the new video below.