ASAP Rocky Reportedly Isn’t Required To Be In Sweden For His Court Verdict Tomorrow

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According to Billboard, ASAP Rocky is not required to be present in Sweden for the verdict on his assault case.

Rocky was detained in Sweden for nearly five weeks following an alleged assault incident. The rapper was released earlier this month.

Ahead of the verdict’s publish date on Wednesday, August 14, Billboard spoke with a Swedish lawyer unaffiliated with the case. The lawyer, a Swedish civil attorney named Måns Ressner, told the outlet that Rocky is not required by law to be present in Sweden for the verdict on his case. If Rocky is ruled to be guilty, however, the artist would face a deadline to return to Sweden and serve any prison sentence.

Ressner said that it’s not very likely that Rocky would have to face any prison time. Ressner told Billboard that Rocky’s weeks in “pretrial detention” in Sweden would be deductible from any jail sentence. But in the event that he is sentenced to additional time, Rocky would be required by law to return to Sweden and serve. Prosecutors have reportedly asked for Rocky to be sentenced to six months behind bars.

Right now, it’s a lot of speculation and what-ifs, but with the official verdict coming tomorrow, there will be some clarity soon.

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