A Petition To Free ASAP Rocky From A Swedish Prison Has Over 350,000 Signatures After Just One Day

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Since ASAP Rocky was arrested in Sweden, he has received support from plenty of people who believe justice is not being served. Hip-hop peers like Tyler The Creator and Schoolboy Q have spoken out about the situation, and now there’s a hugely popular petition that proves ASAP Rocky has a lot of folks in his corner. ASAP Mob started the #JusticeForRocky petition on yesterday, and in less than one day, it has accumulated over 350,000 signatures.

The petition describes the situation, and reads in part, “We are surprised that something like this could happen in Sweden to people who were minding their business and forced to defend themselves from a group of assailants. This should be about justice. Rocky has been in prison for six days for the use of self defense.” It concludes, “Join us in the #JusticeForRocky movement and demand that Rocky be released from Swedish officials immediately.”

The movement has picked up steam quickly. ASAP Mob first shared it at 1:10 p.m. EST, and as of this post, less than 24 hours later, it has over 358,000 signatures. The Twitter account tracked the petition’s progress. About two-and-a-half hours after it was created, the petition had 70,000 signatures. In under five hours after it was created, the petition had over 135,000 supporters, and at about 7 hours after it was created, it had nearly 180,000 signatures, at which point Change declared it the fastest-growing petition of the day.

Rocky and the petition has received a ton of support on Twitter, from people like Cara Delevingne, Wale, and Talib Kweli, the latter of whom wrote, “Times like this are when we need to come together as a musical community. Let’s get this petition to exceed its goal.”

Find the petition here.

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