Police Secure Footage Of The Alleged ASAP Rocky Shooting But Not The Actual Gun That Was Used

Los Angeles police say they have secured possible footage of the shooting allegedly committed by ASAP Rocky, according to TMZ. Although they did not release any details, it’s believed that the footage came from a nearby surveillance camera and if it’s clear enough, could be the evidence the police need to prove their case. Unfortunately for them, though, none of the guns they seized from Rocky’s Los Angeles home matched the weapon that was used in the shooting; shell casings found at the scene were of a caliber that did not match Rocky’s guns.

In addition, all of the guns they found at Rocky’s home were legally purchased and registered, which police confirmed by checking their serial numbers. According to TMZ’s sources, none of the guns were even removed from the house, since officers could tell they weren’t the same caliber as the shell casings. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles District Attorney still has not charged Rocky, since there isn’t enough evidence to proceed to trial yet.

Rocky was arrested at LAX last week as he returned from Barbados on a private flight with the pregnant Rihanna. A victim in a November 2021 shooting had identified the rapper as the perpetrator, claiming Rocky shot at him three or four times and grazed his hand. Rocky was released after posting bail — set at $550,000 — and has since been seen with Rihanna at various events, including their rave-themed baby shower.