Astroworld Attendees Might Be Waiving Their Right To Sue By Accepting Festival Refunds

The lawsuits that Travis Scott and Astroworld’s festival organizers have received are already in the triple digits with more on the way. This comes after the death of nine attendees at the showcase earlier this month. Hundreds more were injured as well during the festival. Travis Scott and Astroworld organizers announced that they will provide full refunds for everyone who purchased tickets to attend the show, but legal experts warn that accepting these refunds could come with irreversible consequences. Neama Rahmani, co-founder of the personal-injury firm West Coast Trial Lawyers spoke to Insider about this.

“Courts generally uphold those types of waivers,” Rahmani said. “The classic case is arbitration agreements. Everyone kind of scrolls through. No one reads the fine print, and guess what, you’ve waived your right to a jury trial, waived your right to file a lawsuit, to demand arbitration.” Legal analyst Carmen Roe had similar thoughts to Rahmani’s own, which she shared with Houston’s local station KHOU 11.

“What they need to look for specifically, is the word ‘Waiver,’ ‘Consent’ ‘Agreement’ of any kind,” Roe said when she was asked what attendees need to look for before accepting refunds. “And most importantly, they need to be concerned if they’re asked to sign anything.” She added, “Refunds should not come with a signature. So, in this particular case, Live Nation has suggested they’re going to refund these people, and that this is all going to be on the up and up. That shouldn’t require their signature under any circumstances.”