Azealia Banks Calls Cardi B An ‘Industry Plant’ And Roasts Iggy Azalea

Azealia Banks recently returned to Twitter after she was banned from the app in 2020, and she has not been wasting a moment. Last month, she showed a soft side by unexpectedly coming to Cara Delevingne’s defense. But now she’s back to starting drama by calling Cardi B an industry plant and roasting Iggy Azalea.

After Banks praised Cardi’s song “Bodak Yellow,” someone replied suggesting that Cardi is an industry plant. Banks quote-tweeted it, writing: “She was an industry plant lmao. But sis took advantage of the opportunity and rode that b*tch the f*ck out, assembled the right team, seized the moment and made herself a cultural mainstay. U have to respect it.”

When someone brought up Iggy Azalea, Banks was less inclined to pay compliments. “Sis really was supposed to use T.I for whatever he was worth, drop the blaccent – give fancy and a slew of other kesha type joints, then give fashion mogul Victoria Beckham KUNT,” she wrote. “But she’s giving the single mom thing she really thought whiteness would shield her from.”

She added: “Lmao and ur dumb ass is really trying it. House music is a black American art form. All that music u think is native to the UK is lifted from black American groups like underground resistance, drexciya etc. Donna Summer is literally the first techno artist in history.”