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Keeping up with new music can be exhausting, even impossible. From the weekly album releases to standalone singles dropping on a daily basis, the amount of music is so vast it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. Even following along with the Uproxx recommendations on daily basis can be a lot to ask, so every Monday we’re offering up this rundown of the best music released in the last week.

This week, Lana Del Rey offered up what could be a career-defining song, camps for Lil Peep and XXXTentacion released a posthumous track that transcends genre, and the likes of Brockhampton, Lupe Fiasco, and Metric all put out new albums . Yeah, it was a pretty great week for music. Check out the highlights below.

Christine And The Queens — Chris

Christine And The Queens, the recording moniker of French songwriter Héloïse Letissier, have already proved a formidable festival force, years before releasing an album that American audiences anticipated. But Letissier’s French success seems to be catching on, and her brand of pop that openly delves with gender and identity couldn’t feel more relevant for 2018. Whether this is her breakout remains to be seen, but either way, one of pop’s most original and captivating voices is back in a big way.

Lupe Fiasco — Drogas Wave

Just when you thought album leaks were a thing of the past, Lupe Fiasco‘s whopping 24-song epic Drogas Wave somehow found its way to the public early, so Lupe just went ahead and released the thing. The album promises to be high-concept and intellectual, par for the course from the always brainy rapper. “Drogas Wave is based on a story about a group of slaves that jumped off of a slave ship transporting them from Africa,” he said, “The slaves did not drown, and instead somehow managed to live under the sea. They spent the rest of their underwater existence sinking slave ships. ‘Drogas’ is the Spanish word for drugs. I made it an acronym which stands for ‘Don’t Ruin Us God Said.’”

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