Beyonce Launched A Sorority-Styled Pop-Up Store On Her Website Featuring Limited-Edition Coachella Merch

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We all have to accept that this is Beyonce’s world and we just buy Beyonce-branded content and consumer goods in it. Of course, after Beyonce’s mind-melting, genre re-defining performance at last week’s Coachella, it’s probably safe to say she’s earned her title as Queen Bey, so why not capitalize on it a little more? That’s exactly what she’s done. Over on her website a brand new, limited time only pop-up store just popped up. The store is selling a completely new line of sorority styled Beyonce gear. Shorts, jackets, hoodies, bandanas, and tank tops, all bearing the Yonce branding with her shiny, new, sorority logo and a grim countdown clock that sets an end for the store in 32 days.

It must be some mighty fine lemonade indeed for the Grammy-winning songstress who’s 2018 Coachella stream just recently broke Youtube’s record for the all-time most watched stream. Rumors abound that Beyonce and Jay are on the verge of announcing an album together, and their appearance at Coachella did nothing to calm the hype. While it would be cool to see the power duo release a full-fledged album together, Beyonce has always been her best as more of an independent woman. You can check out the sale for yourself over here.