The BeyHive Swarm Kenny Chesney For Not Appearing Happy With Beyonce’s CMA Performance

It’s unanimous. Beyonce and The Dixie Chicks pretty much stole the show at the 50th annual Country Music Awards Wednesday night. Queen Bey and the legendary country trio brought down the barn with a knee-slappin’, hand-clappin’ performance of Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons” from her culture-shifting Lemonade album.

While the performance was marked with applause and praise from both fans on social media and actual country stars in attendance, one person who seemed unimpressed by the incredible set was the night’s Pinnacle Award winner, Kenny Chesney.

Beyonce’s fierce BeyHive is swarming all over the iconic country music superstar for not seemingly enjoying Bey’s “Daddy Lessons.” Cameras caught Chesney looking stone-faced while Beyonce sang her face off and Dixie Chicks provided amazing backup support. And we all know what happens when Beyonce fans sense the lightest of shade towards their queen. That’s right, guys. It’s swarming time.

On top of leaving their usual bee emojis, fans are leaving the nastiest of messages and comments in response to Chesney’s chill demeanor. “You peasant! Fix your face when you see the queen,” a loyal BeyHive member left on Chesney’s Instagram. “F*ggoty white trash. Hope you burn in hell f*ggot.” One commenter even accused Chesney of being racist, writing, “You were really bothered the CMAs wasn’t 100% white lmao you looked really upset.” Wowzers.

If it’s one thing that can be said about the Beyonce’s BeyHive is that they’re annoyingly consistent with their hate and harassment.

If you missed the performance, you can still check it out on the ABC app and On Demand here.