The Internet Absolutely Loved Beyonce And The Dixie Chicks’ Supergroup Performance Of ‘Daddy Lessons’

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After the surprise news this afternoon that Beyonce would be performing at the CMAs, everyone waited with baited breath to see what she would do. Well, she made every single Dixie Chicks fan’s night when she teamed up with them for a version of “Daddy Lessons” that interpolated “Long Time Gone” and even had an extended fiddle solo. It was the stuff dreams are made of and you can watch it above.

If this co-sign from Beyonce is what kickstarts the Dixie Chicks back into full gear I will truly believe she is a supernatural being. Of course, including Beyonce in the CMAs was a great look for the award show, and a decision that firmly takes a stance against the #BlueLivesMatter and #BoycottBeyonce folks. No matter how you feel about country music itself, or even Beyonce, the appearance of these women together on one stage at a country music award show is still a huge step.

When Lemonade first came out, people had mixed reactions to Beyonce’s country song — and it even faced a bit of backlash from country music writer who thought it wasn’t country enough. Turns out, all of country music disagrees.

Check out her full performance above, and the internet’s reaction to it below.

If you missed the performance, you can still check it out on the ABC app and On Demand here.