Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance Tour’ Announcement Has Fans Elated And In Formation To Buy Tickets

Beyoncé fans may have joked about dreading the effects her eventual Renaissance tour would have on their checkbooks, but now that the announcement has been made, it looks like they can’t wait to give her all their money — even if it is the first of the month when the rent’s due.

While some fans have been joking about selling the family homestead to afford the tickets, which are currently only available to fans who register on Beyoncé’s website. This is likely a precautionary measure to avoid a repeat of Ticketmaster’s Eras Tour debacle, which angered Taylor Swift fans enough that even Congress stepped in to grill the ticket platform’s parent company, Live Nation.

Meanwhile, other Beyoncé fans are trying to take a different tack, urging others to avoid her concerts with dire, tongue-in-cheek warnings of the dangers of her siren’s call. One fan even went so far as to play one of Beyoncé’s signature songs, “Single Ladies,” in reverse, a sly reference to past satanic panics (although those usually involved heavy metal bands in the ’80s).

And due to the high demand, plenty of fans expressed plans to see their fave by hook or crook, even if it means also making travel plans to see her in a completely different city.

Clearly, The Beyhive is thriving today, and Black History Month is off to a great start. But one question remains: Where are the visuals, sis?