Killer Mike Unites With Big Boi And Sleepy Brown To Pay Tribute To Outkast With ‘We The Ones’ On ‘Fallon’

With the election Tuesday, several late-night talk shows used their platform to make one last political push before the polls close. For his musical guest, Jimmy Fallon tapped Big Boi and Sleepy Brown to perform the remix of their collaborative track “We The Ones” with Killer Mike and Big Rube on The Tonight Show.

Big Boi and Sleepy Brown first appeared on the stage. The rappers sported Outkast merch, remembering the influence of Big Boi and Andre 3000’s project on the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking album Stankonia. Later joined by Killer Mike and Big Rube, the four artists detailed the importance of resilience in the powerful anthem.

Ahead of the performance, Killer Mike has been very vocal about his political stance. Most recently, the rapper sat down with Bernie Sanders to discuss the election and the impact of the progressive movement. “I have to say, although I have not talked to Biden, I have had a couple conversations with senator [Kamala] Harris,” Mike said. “I’m very encouraged by her statements in terms of what she plans to do, and help this country do in terms of policy. I’m very encouraged that, as a former prosecutor, that she wishes to steer us in a more restorative justice place.”

Watch Big Boi, Killer Mike, Sleepy Brown, And Big Rube perform “We The One” on The Tonight Show above.