Big Sean Shares A ‘Lucky Me/Still I Rise’ Live Performance To Celebrate His Birthday

Today, Big Sean celebrates his 33rd birthday — one that he almost didn’t get to see. To commemorate the occasion, he’s shared a video of a special live performance of his Detroit 2 tracks “Lucky Me” and “Still I Rise,” highlighting just how fortunate he feels to hit his Scottie Pippen year.

Prior to his last album’s release, Sean was very open about sharing his struggles with mental health, admitting that he’d contemplated suicide as a result of depression and anxiety. Meanwhile, on “Lucky Me,” he raps about the heart condition he experienced as a teen that nearly killed him. Although doctors suggested putting in a pacemaker to keep things moving along, his mother’s insistence on trying alternative medicine led to an unconventional cure.

Sean recently repaid his mom for going above and beyond for him by introducing her to Seán Schemmel, the voice actor who portrays the Dragon Ball Z hero Goku. The two Seans spent some time hanging out, with Schemmel posting pics from Big Sean’s in-house studio and explaining that kids like the younger Sean were the inspiration behind his performance.

Incidentally, it was on his 32nd birthday last year that Sean announced the impending release of Detroit 2, the follow-up to his fan-favorite 2012 mixtape that featured breakout songs like “Mula” and “24 Karats Of Gold” with J. Cole. Two weeks ago, he announced that the tape would finally make its way to DSPs, mixed and mastered. Here’s hoping all the samples were cleared as well.

Watch Big Sean’s live performance of “Lucky Me” and “Still I Rise” above.