Blocboy JB Was Arrested For A Long List Of Charges Including Drug And Gun Crimes

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Memphis rapper Blocboy JB, creator of the infamous “shoot” dance and the viral hit song “Look Alive” with Drake, was arrested today on a litany of charges including drug and paraphernalia possession, property theft, and handgun possession, according to Fox’s Memphis affiliate. As Blocboy is a convicted felon, the handgun possession is a felony on its own. The original warrant for the charges was issued February 16, while Blocboy turned himself in today, a delay his lawyer’s attributed to travel.

The 22-year-old Blocboy, whose real name is James Baker, rose to prominence early last year with the help of his Drake-assisted “Look Alive” and the viral acceptance of the shoot dance, which eventually found its way into memes, sporting events, and the videogame Fortnite, where it can be used as a purchased “emote” allowing players’ avatars to do the dance in celebration or as a taunt. Blocboy is actually suing Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, for royalties, joining fellow rapper 2 Milly and Instagram personality Backpack Kid in pursuing restitution for their borrowed moves (2 Milly’s “milly rock” and Backpack Kid’s “floss”).

Blocboy appeared in court with his lawyer after turning himself in, was taken into custody, and had bail set at $50,000. Blocboy’s most recent musical appearance was alongside Charlotte rapper Da Baby in their comedic “Mini Van” video.