BlocBoy JB And His Friends Turn Up To A DIY Beat Made With Pots And Pans In His ‘Prod By Bloc’ Video

In BlocBoy JB‘s new video for “Prod By Bloc,” the exuberant Memphis rapper not only does his signature, energetic dances, he also proves to be a more than serviceable producer, crafting a banger from household bric-a-brac like metal colanders and wooden spoons. He takes it back to the old school days — in terms of childhood, not a specific era of hip-hop — to bring back that ageless enjoyment of banging on pots and pans and loving the sounds that come out.

The Yoo Ali-shot video is as simple as the song’s concept; BlocBoy and friends hang out in the kitchen banging on the cooking equipment and shaking cereal boxes while he rocks and bounces through his upbeat dances. The spare, percussive beat leaves plenty of room for his boastful raps to cut through and while he won’t win any lyricist of the year awards, the raps are pretty thoroughly entertaining and just clever enough to warrant multiple playbacks — as he puts it: “Bring that sh*t back, no turntables.”

It’s nice to see that the Memphis rapper has yet to slow down or kick back on his laurels. He’s capitalizing while “Look Alive” is still booming on the charts, working with a who’s-who of rap royalty as his name continues to ring off both in the streets and on the blogs, making him a hotter commodity by the day. There’s still no word if any of the interested labels have made a breakthrough in locking down the kid’s contract but one thing is for sure: The price is most definitely going up.