Bobby Shmurda Mistook Klay Thompson For One Of His Fellow Former Inmates

Bobby Shmurda has been an absolute delight since his return, sharing all kinds of surprisingly wholesome stories about his prison experience as he works his way back into the spotlight with new music and charming interviews. In his latest of the latter, he sits down with Drink Champs to share stories about he’s still getting used to being a star on the outside.

As he explained, he still doesn’t always recognize his fellow celebrities, recalling one particularly hilarious instance in which he mistook NBA star Klay Thompson for one of his former fellow inmates. “Deadass, I meet basketball players, and I don’t even know they’re basketball players,” he chuckled. “I met Klay Thompson the other day; why I thought this n**** was in Clinton [Correctional Facility, here Bobby served his six-year racketeering sentence] with me? I’m like, ‘Yo, I know this n**** from somewhere!’ Bro came to me like, ‘You dumb-ass n****, that’s Klay Thompson.’ I’m like, ‘Who? Klay Thompson? N**** look different on TV.’ I’m like, ‘Bro I don’t watch much TV like that, I be in the streets, my bad.’”

Of course, Thompson, one of the nice guys of the NBA, told him not to worry about the case of mistaken identity, laughing it off.

You can watch the full interview up top.