Boogie Announced His Debut Album ‘Everything’s For Sale’ With A Sad Screenshot Of His Bank Account

Via Twitter

Boogie’s upcoming debut album is one of 2019’s most anticipated records, and for good reason. He impressed Eminem so much in 2017 that Em signed the young Compton rapper to his Shady Records label. Last year, he also shared the single “Self Destruction,” and in the video that song, he showed that he likes to have a good time by giving himself a bunch of super powers. Now it looks like he’s shaping up to have a fun 2019, and his fans are about to enjoy themselves too: Boogie just announced that his debut album on Shady Records is out on January 25, and it’s called Everything’s For Sale.

He announced his album with a (not real) screenshot of his bank account, which features a previous balance of $20.19 (aka the current year) and an available balance of $1.25 (or 1/25, January 25). He writes in the description that his account is looking a little light, so he plans on changing that by dropping an album: “just checked my account, n****z is broke broke!! shit gotta change.. my debut album dropping 1.25.19.”

A few days ago, he tweeted that he would have a high-profile feature on the record courtesy of Eminem, writing in the now-deleted tweet, “There is a confirmed Eminem feature on the tracklist for the upcoming album — might be a scrapped Bodied OST track, who knows…”