Bow Wow Says He Feels Like Everybody Hates Him In An Angry Online Vent Session

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Bow Wow has been going through a rough patch in his music career of late, and while he has made much ado of an attempted comeback, it seems as though the one-time teen star has been unable or unwilling to get out of his own way. His repeated social media stunts attempting to drum up support and generate some clout with over-the-top, phony flexes have amounted to little more than new excuses for the digital peanut gallery to engage in some good old-fashioned schadenfreude, and it looks like he’s had enough.

The Cleveland rapper took to Twitter to finally vent regarding the negative news coverage and jokes he’s received over the past few years. He began replying to fan tweets mentioning him, revealing his frustration with the state of rap journalism and a feeling like “everybody” hates him due to the wealth of embarrassing stories that tend to surround his name.

“I f*cking hate bloggers I hate interviews,” he began, “I only respect good journalism and respected hip-hop cats in the game I been knowing who are credible. Fuck all that gossip rumor shit they can lick my balls for all I care.”

He only escalated from there, writing, “Bored w life. Tired of all this sh*t. Tired of n—as talking shit. Always w my name in they mouth so ima stay with this energy right here. Not taking no shit,” and “Everybody hate me. Idgaf no more” in response to concerned fan inquiries into his mental state. He summed up his feelings by comparing himself to a certain jovial superhero who once took a similar dark turn. “It’s anger. Its what yall turned me into. The media. The bloggers. The people. This is what yall wanted. I was the red and blue spiderman. Now I’m the all black Spider-Man.”

For what it’s worth, some of us in media actively rode for Bow. I know he may feel put-upon by all the stories about his various mishaps, but perhaps all those stories would go away if he’d just stop doing things and hide out in the studio until his album is ready. There won’t be any stories if there aren’t any antics. Some of us have always wanted him to win, but if he’s going to keep sabotaging himself, there’s only one thing we can say:

Check out Bow Wow’s Twitter rant below.