Watch Britney Spears (And A Stuffed Snake) Dance To Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’

Britney Spears is one of the preeminent teen pop icons of the 21st century, but the queen of pop still takes time to acknowledge those who followed in her footsteps. Billie Eilish‘s aesthetic is more monsters-under-the-bed than leather pants and live snakes, but Spears put her own spin on one of Eilish’s best songs in a new video posted to her Instagram account.

Spears is known for posting lighthearted videos to her Instagram account, and though she took a bit of a break from social media earlier this year, she’s back to smiling for the camera. In a video posted today, Spears recreates her iconic 2001 MTV VMAs look (complete with a crop top and snake), serving some flawless choreography set to Eilish’s song “Bad Guy.” Spears’ iconic VMAs performance featured a live python, but since it’s not advisable to try that at home, the singer stuck with a stuffed snake this time around.

And it looks like the song choice wasn’t a fluke — Spears is a big fan of Eilish’s. “Great song !!,” Spears wrote in the caption to her post. Eilish shared the love, too, commenting a shellshocked “omg.”

Watch Britney Spears dance to “Bad Guy” via her Instagram above.