Brockhampton Tease A New Behind-The-Scenes Web Series, ‘Keeping The Band’

The day-to-day operations of any active and touring band are bound to be interesting. That surely is especially true of Brockhampton, who over the past couple years have experienced a lineup change and two new albums, among other things. Now the group is ready to pull back the curtain some and let fans in on what goes on in their lives, as they have teased a new behind-the-scenes web series called Keeping The Band, which is set to be released online later this month.

The group shared a 25-second clip teasing the series, and from the looks of it, it is set to include concert footage, behind the scenes videos, and some conflict. At one point, Kevin Abstract is heard saying, “Y’all ain’t performing like performers right now. Y’all don’t look like performers out here. What the f*ck are you doing?”

Currently, the group is in the midst of a tour in support of Ginger. This stretch of dates kicked off a couple weeks ago, and still on the docket for them between now and mid-December are stops all over North America, in Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Toronto, and Chicago. They are joined on the road by Slowthai and 100 Gecs.

Watch the Keeping The Band teaser above, and read our review of Ginger here.