Brockhampton Perform The Soulful ‘Ginger’ Highlight ‘Sugar’ During Their First Appearance On ‘Ellen’

Fresh off of releasing their fifth album Ginger in August (via Question Everything and RCA), Brockhampton paid a visit to Ellen. While there, the hip-hop collective performed the second track off of Ginger, “Sugar.”

The performance began with a close-up on Ryan Beatty centerstage for his melodic chorus, while zooming out to fully show the backdrop of the sky. Continuing on that theme, the sky backdrop opened like the gates of Heaven, revealing the rest of Brockhampton. The group took turns fronting the performance, while the others sat and swayed side-to-side like a 2000s boy band. By the performance’s end, the entire collective was standing up and all smiles.

In addition to releasing their latest album Ginger last month, Brockhampton announced a tour shortly after. The collective will embark on the Heaven Belongs To You starting in October in Vancouver, Canada. The tour will end two months later on December 13 in Los Angeles, California. For those who can’t catch Brockhampton on the road, the group will also have a set at the eighth annual Camp Flog Gnaw this fall.

Watch Brockhampton perform “Sugar” above, and revisit our review of Ginger here.

Ginger is out now via Question Everything/RCA. Get it here.