Brockhampton Shares The Bizarre ‘Sugar’ Video For Kevin Abstract’s Birthday

Brockhampton is known for their wild, DIY music videos, but their latest one may be their most bizarre one yet. Directed, as usual, by de facto frontman Kevin Abstract, the “Sugar” video features some truly surreal imagery, from a jilted extraterrestrial to slimy situation for Kevin himself. There’s even a cameo a cameo appearance from Satan. There’s a whole lot going on and the intro is probably NSFW, but you can check it out above.

In typical Brockhampton fashion, the band’s members started the promotion cycle on Twitter, teasing the video’s release with rapid-fire tweets counting down to its debut. They also shared a number of tweets reminding fans that the release shared a date near and dear to the group’s hearts: Kevin Abstract’s birthday. Kevin himself prompted fans to “use the hashtag #BROCKHAMPTON to tell us what u think” or “just go f*cking insane tweeting #BROCKHAMPTON” so it would trend for his special day.

Sure enough, the homemade hashtag hit Twitter’s top trending topic — if only temporarily — giving the group maximum exposure. Unwary viewers might not have known quite what they were about to watch though, as the video opens with an explicit sex scene (with the naughty bits censored for YouTube) and a bloody murder. The rest of the video sees the band’s members performing their verses in and around the aftermath, with a title card showing the song’s title concluding the clip.

“Sugar” is the fifth single from the band’s fifth studio album Ginger, out now on Question Everything and RCA. Get it here.