Cameron Joshua, AKA Lil Cam 5th, Has Been Charged In Connection To Takeoff’s Murder Case

News began circulating online over the weekend that 22-year-old Cameron Joshua, known as Lil Cam or Lil Cam 5th, had been arrested and faced a felony charge for “unlawful carrying weapons” on November 1, the night Takeoff was fatally shot outside 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston. The beloved 28-year-old Atlanta rapper was attending a private event with Quavo, his uncle and Migos collaborator.

RapTV and The Neighborhood Talk posted Lil Cam 5th’s official Harris County Sheriff’s Office booking documentation, but the link between Lil Cam 5th and Takeoff’s murder was speculative, at best — until yesterday (November 30).

The Associated Press reported that Lil Cam 5th “has been charged in connection” with Takeoff’s murder case and additionally clarified that prosecutors said he “is not believed to have fired” his illegal handgun “during Takeoff’s shooting.” Now, it seems like this unlawful carrying of a weapon charge could be separate from the one reported over the weekend because The AP noted Lil Cam 5th “is also facing a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon for allegedly having a weapon when he was arrested on November 22.”

“Cameron Joshua did not shoot Takeoff,” Christopher Downey, Lil Cam 5th’s attorney, told reporters, according to The AP. Harris County District Attorney’s Office Prosecutor Matt Gilliam added, “We believe believe Cameron Joshua has been appropriately charged in this case, and we’re continuing our investigation into the death of Takeoff.”

On November 1, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner and Sgt. Michael Arrington held a press conference and relayed the sequence of events that led to Takeoff’s tragic passing.

Both urged the public to share any evidence or information that could help them identify those responsible. There has still not been a suspect publicly identified as directly responsible for shooting and killing Takeoff. Kashara Marshall, Takeoff’s aunt and Quavo’s sister, took to her Instagram earlier this month to beg for anyone to “find out who did this to my NEPHEW!!!!!!!!! By any MEANS.”

Takeoff was laid to rest at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena on November 11.