Cardi B Quizzes Bernie Sanders On Jobs, Healthcare, And More In Their Full Interview

Cardi B may be tired of “Press,” but she still gets plenty of it — especially when she talks politics. Fortunately, as a closet politics and news geek, it seems like she knows what she’s talking about, making her the perfect pop culture figure for Bernie Sanders’ campaign video sharing his presidential platform. They already previewed parts of the video discussing wages and now, the full, 12-minute interview is available to watch in its entirety.

In the video, where Cardi plays the everyperson foil to Bernie’s prepared talking points, Cardi quizzes Bernie about healthcare, jobs, and the “discouraging” negative effects on the political climate of having Donald Trump in office. Bernie takes on police brutality and education, holding police who kill on-duty accountable, and demilitarizing police departments nationwide, then asks Cardi about performance anxiety. Cardi shrugs off the question, then brings up the next topic: Immigration. Bernie promises that in his first week in office, he would reestablish and expand the DACA program Trump previously ended via executive order.

Cardi also prompts Bernie to address concerns about how single-payer healthcare would work — especially without raising taxes. Bernie explains the complexities of Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA, promising that most people would save money, even if taxes go up, because they would avoid premiums, co-pays, and surprise fees. The two also talk about student debt and their admiration for FDR. Check out the full interview above.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.