Cardi B And Bruno Mars Fall In Lust At First Sight In Their New ‘Please Me’ Video

Cardi B and Bruno Mars‘ collaborative single “Please Me” is sultry, fun, and retro-inspired — and now the song has a video to match.

In the video, directed by Florent Dechard and Mars himself, Cardi and Mars meet in a fast food restaurant “somewhere in Los Angeles.” Cardi, who enters the restaurant with her short-shorts-wearing friends, immediately catches Mars’ eye. The two flirt with one another from across the diner tables, and Cardi and her friends dance for the guys. They sit there and watch for way too long, until finally Mars gets up and goes over to Cardi, who had obviously been lusting after him the entire time. (Although, I guess, this is a song about trying to drive a lover crazy making them wait.)

The video’s aesthetic is perfectly retro inspired. Dechard and Mars light the restaurant in neon red and orange, and dress everyone in sneakers, sparkles, and high waisted jeans. The camera movement is a little dizzying (I don’t recommend watching it full screen if you get motion sick), but the cinematic thrill of the video is undeniable. I just hope the employees in that fast food restaurant weren’t trying to close anytime soon.

Watch Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ video for “Please Me” above.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars are both Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.