Cardi B Plans To ‘Sue The LAPD’ After They Allegedly Made Her Get ‘Butt-Naked’ And Accused Her Of Selling Drugs

Cardi B had a truly wild story to share in her recent Instagram Live that took place yesterday (March 25). During the live, she claimed that she was once approached by the Los Angeles Police Department after they thought she was selling drugs — and sadly weren’t familiar with who Cardi was.

The story went a step further when Cardi dropped in the detail that the cops allegedly made her strip down because of it.

“They had all the helicopters in LA,” she shared. “Yo, I was freaking out. They had me outside for like three hours. They had me getting butt-naked outside. Sh*t was crazy. It was deadass a movie and whatever, but you already know.”

However, she is about to show them exactly who she is. “I’m about to sue the LAPD,” Cardi added. “I told them like, ‘Yo, I’m Cardi B. Like do I look like I gotta sell some sh*t? Like why would I do that? I would never pull no sh*t like that.'”

During the encounter, Cardi continued to try the cops who she was — a Grammy-winning performer. But it wasn’t working and the situation got out of hand.

“They didn’t believe me. It was some white cops and they ain’t know who I was,” she continued. “They was really tough on me and everything. They said somebody gave them a clue. I really feel like it was one of my opps and sh*t, like they really trying to ruin my life type sh*t. Like y’all don’t even f*cking know. I been going through a lot lately.”

If anyone could carry through a lawsuit against the LAPD, it would be Cardi B — only time will tell though. Check out a clip from her Instagram Live here.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .