Cardi B Forced A Los Angeles News Anchor To Apologize For Mischaracterizing Her Support Of Protestors

Cardi B forced a Los Angeles news anchor to apologize to her after a segment about her recent comments in support of protests against police brutality across the nation when she took offense to how her words were taken out of context.

KTLA reporter Doug Kolk accused Cardi of using “her massive platform to promote the violence” in a segment about her recent post on Instagram encouraging protestors to vote. In her original post, Cardi says, “It makes me feel like, ‘Finally, yes. Motherf*ckers are gonna hear us now.’ And as much as people is so against it, at this point, I feel like I’m not against it even though it do scare me and I don’t want anybody to get hurt. It’s really frustrating because police brutality been going on even way before I was born, but it’s been more visible ever since social media started getting popping… How many peaceful protests have we seen? How many trending hashtags have we seen?”

After being tagged in a video of the report, Cardi, who does not play that way with news reporters getting too comfortable talking to or about her out of pocket, launched into a tirade after the report, letting Kolk know exactly how she felt. “Why your no-lip, square head-having ass ain’t put the part were I said to vote?” she wondered. “You cottage cheese breath-having b*tch. Why don’t you post how a conservative Christian Trump supporter posted my address and encouraged people to loot my home?”

Kolk replied a few hours later, apologizing for mischaracterizing Cardi’s words and promising to issue a retraction on his next segment.

Watch how the entire episode played out above.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .