Cardi B Declares She’s ‘Not A Feminist Anymore’ As She Explains Her ‘Controversial’ Stance On Relationships

It’s been a big 24 hours for Cardi B. Aside from releasing her own “Enough (Miami),” she and SZA also hopped on Flo Milli’s “Never Lose Me” remix. She also generated some attention yesterday by talking about her perspective on feminism and relationships.

In a video shared by Wallo267 yesterday (March 14), Cardi discussed her take, saying, “If you gonna be the type of b*tch that… you want a n**** to take care of you and everything… but it’s like, alright, you have to pick a balance. You cannot just be a b*tch that’s like, ‘Oh, my man take care of me,’ but what do you do? What are you contributing? You can’t be complaining like, ‘Oh, I cook, I clean every day.’ It’s like, ‘OK, but you don’t work. You don’t contribute to the house.'”

She then said, “So this is really controversial, right,” before going on to speak about her belief that the man and woman in a relationship should have an equal financial responsibility if their income is the same. She later continued, “That’s what I’m saying, like, I’m not a feminist anymore, because it’s like… sometimes it’s like, y’all b*tches ain’t living in the real world. Y’all not living there.”

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .