Cardi B Stars In Amazon’s Super Bowl Commercial As A Hilarious Alexa Replacement

With “The Big Game” just a few days away, it’s about the time when we start seeing Super Bowl commercials pop up online. We’ve seen Chris Pratt selling beer, Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes teaching Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage how to rap, and a few days ago, Amazon teased their ad, which features Alexa somehow losing her voice and needing some help answering people’s questions.

Now Amazon has shared the full 90-second commercial, and it features Cardi B at her finest (along with Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, and Anthony Hopkins). In the ad, Amazon’s solution to their Alexa woes is to replace her with celebrities donning customer service headsets and helping users out themselves. The problem is that Cardi B isn’t all that helpful: When asked how far away Mars is, she laughs and responds, “How far is Mars? How am I supposed to know? I’ve never been there! This guy wanna go to Mars. For what? There’s not even oxygen there!”

Later in the spot, one guy asks Alexa to play some country music, to which Cardi B responds with “Bodak Yellow.” The confused user tries to correct the course by saying, “No, no. Alexa: country music,” but after a brief silence, “Bodak Yellow” picks back up.

It’s a pretty great commercial and it’s hilariously on-brand for Cardi B, so check it out above.