Chance The Rapper Explains Why J. Cole Was ‘Wrong’ To Make A Song About Noname

J. Cole has received a lot of feedback since releasing “Snow On Tha Bluff” last night, and a lot of it has been non-positive. Cole’s latest musical peer to weigh in is Chance The Rapper, who is on Noname’s side in this situation.

In a tweet that seemed to address the song, on which Cole offers criticisms of Noname, Chance (who has collaborated with Noname before) wrote, “Yet another L for men masking patriarchy and gaslighting as contructive criticism.” He followed that up with, “They both my peoples but only one of them put out a whole song talking about how the other needs to reconsider their tone and attitude in order to save the world. It’s not constructive and undermines all the work Noname has done. It’s not [Black women’s] job to spoon feed us. We grown.”

One of Chance’s followers noted, “All I’m saying is, please don’t put your fans in this bind of choosing between two GOATS. Go talk to your brother and delete the tweets. We don’t want to see black women tore down but we don’t want to create a division between two excellent black men either.” Chance responded, “We can have different points of views on things. I’m not tearing anyone down, I just think it was wrong to make a song about her. I can’t feel any other way about it.”

Chance continued, “Everybody’s argument on either side is, we can’t personally attack each other if we really want to see a revolution. I can agree with that and can apply it in my own life. I wish we could learn that w/o two artists I admire having a public dispute.”

One user wondered why Chance was discussing this in a public setting, writing, “But couldn’t you talk to Cole like a man? like not on this platform smh.” Chance responded, “U mean like how he privately addressed Noname?”

Find Chance’s tweets below.