Chance The Rapper Has Spent Over $30,000 On Postmates Deliveries, Including An IPad

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Chance The Rapper leads a busy life as a musician, actor, activist, and father. The Chicago-born rapper has relied heavily on delivery app Postmates to save time and try food from restaurants across the country. In a recent blog post titled “The Receipt,” Postmates catalogued Chance’s orders through the years and even publicized his most expensive delivery.

The popular food delivery app said Chance uses Postmates to order everything from cilantro to PS4 games. Since his first order in 2015, Chance has placed 632 orders on 1992 items in 26 cities and has spent over $30,000 in total.

Because he’s so experienced with the app, Chance knows how to be picky when ordering food. One custom order from McDonald’s cordially instructs to handle his order carefully. “*Please read carefully,*” the order begins. “Big Mac Meal with cheese only, as well as lettuce and extra cheese, (should be two slices of American cheese and only cheese and lettuce). Large Fries and a Sprite for the drink, thanks!”

On top of showing how precise Chance can be with food, Postmates divulged the rapper’s affinity for Chicago’s popular hot dog chain Portillo’s. Chance once ordered hot dogs from Portillo’s once every two days for a month straight, further proving his hatred for vegetables of any kind.

Chance doesn’t just stick to food orders. Chance repeatedly relies on Postmates to deliver entertainment. He has used the app to deliver himself Super Mario Odyssey, Call Of Duty World War 2, NBA 2K, Madden 2018, UFC 2, and seven PS4 controllers. His most expensive purchase was an iPad Mini, which cost him $439.97.

Chance also uses the app for all of his fatherly duties. The rapper has ordered baby wipes, diapers, baby blankets, and a baby star projector for his daughter Kensli. Chance explained to Postmates that “these things are integral to being a great father.”

In other news, Chance’s highly anticipated album The Big Day is slated for release on today, July 26, but has been delayed for unknown reasons. Whenever it does drop, Postmates made sure to note The Big Day can be hand-delivered through their app.