Chance The Rapper Tells Jimmy Fallon That Kanye West Tried To Join His Wedding Band

Last night’s episode of The Tonight Show was a particularly musical one. The show’s musical guest was Brockhampton, and the group also sat on the couch for a quick conversation. Elsewhere on the show, Jimmy Fallon also chatted with Chance The Rapper ahead of his stint hosting and being musical guest on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The two talked about Chance’s recent marriage, and Fallon showed a photo of some of Chance’s wedding guests, which featured Kanye West. Chance then spoke of his fondest Kanye-related memory about his wedding: “What I remember is he tried to join the wedding band. They were playing music, but he didn’t have his setup, his beat machine, so he just kind of stood next to them.”

They also talked about Chance’s new album, The Big Day, and when Fallon asked about how he got involved with Randy Newman (who appears on the record), Chance answered, “I’ve always wanted to work with Randy Newman. The first movie my parents took me to the theaters to see was Toy Story. From a young age, I was familiar, and I got more familiar as I was older. He’s an amazing artist, great to work with.”

Watch Chance’s appearance on The Tonight Show above.